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Financial Literacy Olympiad 2021

Cerebro Team is organizing India’s biggest Financial Literacy Olympiad'21 exclusively for students of Class 8, 9, 10. The Olympiad will bring the most brilliant minds of India together and test their knowledge and acumen in financial awareness, financial planning and final decision making.

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“Time has come to make our kids Financially Literate. Help them to make smarter and wiser financial decisions for their future”

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  • School representative can share their details here and our team will get in touch with you within 2-3 days.

  • If you are a student, please contact your school representative or principal to register your school for FLO’21.

  • School Registration is free of cost.

  • Once the registration is done, school representative will receive a registration confirmation mail.

  • Click here for student registration.

  • Students must contact their school representative or principal to know their school CODE. If students are unable to contact their school representative or principal, use code CK#FLO21_9951 for the registration.

  • The enrolment fee for FLO’21 is Rs. 150 per student.

  • Post registration, student will receive a registration confirmation mail from our team.

For more details on registration of School, please click here.
Founder Speak about FLO’21


"Money and finance is about fun in FLO’21. It will not be fun in real-life. Start acquiring financial literacy early"

- Shruti Goel,
  Cerebro Team – The Financial Literacy Academy

Frequently Asked Questions

Student from any school all across India and of 8, 9 and 10 Classes can participate for FLO’21.

Students can participate in FLO’21 once their school is registered. Students should reach their school representative or principal to register their school first.

Student should contact their school representative or principal who can share their details here and our team will get in touch with them within 2-3 days.

FLO’21 follows 2 rounds.The first round (Qualification) will be Open-Camera Online round on Dare to Compete(D2C) platform.The second round (National) will be conducted on Kahoot platform. A detailed process to participate in both the rounds will be shared on the email ID of students post their registration for FLO’21.

First round will be open-internet, open-book type. Students can expect practical decision-making questions and as such there will be no chance of cheating. Final round will be conducted live in open camera mode for fair evaluation

The topics covered in FLO’21 will be Money matters, banking, insurance, investments & savings, and taxes. Detailed curriculum can be downloaded here

You can write to us on hello@cerebroteam.com about any query and we will respond back to you

  • • It will help students to enhance their skills and capacity to make financial decisions and understand the value of money.
  • • Winner and Runner ups will get hard copy certificates and prizes like Oculus VR device, Dell Laptop and other goodies.
  • • All the students will receive Participation Certificate
  • • High performing students will get Merit Certificates
  • • Free practice material will be provided to students
About Cerebro Team


Cerebro Team is an IIT-IIM alumni led company with a vision to make students financially literate. Our interactive programs and workshops filled with activities and simulations help students to understand financial concepts and make them better prepared for the real world complex financial decision-making.