Program Overview

  •   Language : English

  •   Target Audience : Corporate Employees

  •   Duration : 14 Hours

  •   Program Type : Live eclassroom program

Program Details



As the world around us grows more and more high-paced, it is no longer enough to just rely on hard work. You might be earning a good salary at your job but is that enough? No, earning money is a necessity but knowing how to grow your money is an asset. 


To stay ahead of the curve in terms of finances, it is essential to develop a secondary income source. This is why we bring to you, the Fundamentals of Stock Trading- the Corporate edition. Owning stocks can help you build your savings, protect your money from inflation and taxes, and maximize income from your investments. 


The Fundamentals of Stock Trading Programs by the Cerebro Team provide corporate employees with all valuable insights into the highly rewarding world of Stock Investments & Trading.  These programs enable participants to understand 

  • How they can analyze a company for long-term investing
  • How the Stock Market works
  • Building a diversified & balanced stocks portfolio
  • Understand all about Intraday trading
  • Learn how to analyze companies’ stocks via patterns and indicators 


By the end of the programs, participants acquire a practical understanding of how you can utilize stock investments to boost savings and secure their future. 




  1. Equip participants with the necessary knowledge about Equity markets and Stock Trading 
  2. Introduce the participants to the process of analyzing company stocks via patterns, trends, and indicators to determine the risk and profit booking probability in a particular stock trade.
  3. Identify Risk Management issues related to market positions and become familiar with practical trading techniques.
  4. Help participants in opening Demat accounts and prepare them to invest in real stock markets.
  5. Expert Stocks trading strategies taught in the course will help you make money regardless of the direction of the stock market.
  6. Develop a comprehensive understanding of the intricacies of the stock market.

Explore topics like diversification, stock investing, portfolio planning, intra-day trading with real-life examples.



Mr. Arpit Gupta

Mr. Arpit Gupta is an alumnus of the coveted IIM Lucknow, Batch of 2013 where he specialized in Finance and Marketing.  Mr Gupta has a rich industry experience of more than 10 years and more than 3 years experience as a Financial Literacy Coach.

His areas of expertise include:

  • Stocks analysis and investment planning
  • Fundamental and Technical Analysis of Stocks
  • Analyzing Financial books and financial decision-making

Frequently asked questions

 Employees will be benefited in various ways as they learn about smart investment strategies from experts and utilize their knowledge to make sound financial decisions. This program will enable them to understand Stock markets and how to earn money via equity investments.

 The duration of the entire program varies between 1 hour to 32 hours which can be designed as per the company’s demand.

Yes, the curriculum is completely adjustable as per the requirements of the company.

 The pricing will be decided according to the curriculum and duration of the program by the company and Cerebro Kids.