Program Overview

  •   Language : English

  •   Target Audience : School Students

  •   Duration : 1 Minutes

  •   Program Type : Self-paced program

Program Details

In this beginners program you’ll be learning how to understand the points and figures used in the charts, how to analysis them before taking any decisions in investing. There are various kinds of charts containing points and figures, learn about it in detail to have a finer understanding. Also you’ll be taught to set up these charts containing points and figures. What are the patterns that are used in it. How these charts work what are these significance and how can it help in investing in the market keeping in mind all the pro’s and con’s when it comes to investing in the market. 

Module 1- Where to Invest ?

 Identifying investment option for mid-term
 Identifying investment option for long-term
 Effect of inflation

Module 2- How much to invest in any investment option?

 Investing for Long term
Investing as per your age
General portfolio diversification

 Module 3- Identifying companies with good return potential

Think like a Consumer

 Think like a Trader
Think like an Investor

Module 4- Starting first investment
Tradeoff between trading and investing


Certificate from Industry leader Earn a certificate from Cerebro Team-The Financial Literacy Academy
Guidance by various rules and understand the strategies to identify stocks along with skills to identify
companies with good return and potential
Hands on experience-Learn from live examples taught during the session and how to practically apply
the rules
Learn skills to identify companies with good return and potential. This program provides knowledge how
to identify companies as a budding investor



Mr. Arpit Gupta

Mr. Arpit Gupta is an alumnus of the coveted IIM Lucknow, Batch of 2013 where he specialized in Finance and Marketing.  Mr Gupta has a rich industry experience of more than 10 years and more than 3 years experience as a Financial Literacy Coach.

His areas of expertise include:

  • Stocks analysis and investment planning
  • Fundamental and Technical Analysis of Stocks
  • Analyzing Financial books and financial decision-making