Program Overview

  •   Language : English

  •   Target Audience : College Students

  •   Duration : 2 Hours

  •   Program Type : Self-paced program

Program Details

Investing in today’s world is becoming more and more common. If you don’t know how and where to invest your money, you might end up losing a lot of value of your money. Fundamental Analysis Program by Arpit Gupta helps you in starting your investment journey. You will learn all about the basics of stocks, brokerage firms, how to buy and sell stocks through demat account.

Arpit Gupta will walk you through 5-step fundamental analysis process. This program is a complete package where you’ll be learning from the scratch about stocks, investing, analysis, growth potential and how to identify the best companies to invest. Fundamentals analysis program consists of 7 modules with sub divided chapters with detailed and real life examples, which will make learning and understanding easy for the students.



Module 1- Introduction
- Understanding the basics of stocks
- What are brokerages firms
- Buying and selling through demat account

Module 2 – 5 steps Framework Overview
- How to maintain the stability
- Understanding the stock valve correctness
- Understanding about the growth potential and financial structure
along with the operational efficiency.

Module 3- Analysing Stability Of Company
- Rewind the 5 steps of framework
- Learning about market cap
- Understanding importance of the cash and debt
- Learning and understanding how to calculate Stability Index.

Module 4- Stock Value Correctness
- Understanding the concept of correct values
- What is EPS?
- Measuring stock value correctness - 3 different ways

Module 5 - Growth Potential of a company
- Understand the growth potential – 2 different ways
- Quick Assessment

Module 6- Financial Structuring
- D/E ratio
- What is pledging, dividends?
- Ratio from balance sheet
- Right issues

Module 7- Operational Efficiency
- Understanding company’s operational efficiency


  • Learning at your own pace
    • Through the online learning process, you can learn from the comfort of your home.
  • Clarify doubts in live doubt clearing sessions
    •  You will be provided with a weekly doubt clearing session where you can clear all your doubts and make your understanding of Fundamental analysis finer.
  • Develop smart analysis skills towards buying and selling of stocks
    • This program will help you enable your skills and understanding to utilise and analyse while investing in stocks  
  •  Understand all the aspects of stock basics
    • Learn all the aspects of how to buy and sell stocks through demat account and other details.   
  •  Industry recognised certification from the industry leader in Financial Literacy
    • After the completion of the program, a recognised certification is provided to the student on completion of the whole course and clearing certification test



Mr. Arpit Gupta

Mr. Arpit Gupta is an alumnus of the coveted IIM Lucknow, Batch of 2013 where he specialized in Finance and Marketing.  Mr Gupta has a rich industry experience of more than 10 years and more than 3 years experience as a Financial Literacy Coach.

His areas of expertise include:

  • Stocks analysis and investment planning
  • Fundamental and Technical Analysis of Stocks
  • Analyzing Financial books and financial decision-making