Program Overview

  •   Language : English

  •   Target Audience : School Students

  •   Duration : 16 Hours

  •   Program Type : Live eclassroom program

Program Details


The Finance Learner Program for Class 9 students helps them in taking smart investment decisions, understanding risk-return relationship, investment portfolio creation and how to manage them. They are exposed to understanding cash flows and cash flow statements, the concept of auditing and understand funding concepts. This helps students in developing investment strategies, how to read and analyze financial reports and make the best out of financial opportunities. Along with this, students learn about direct and indirect taxes, and how financial institutions such as banks work. In this program, your kid will learn in a personalized live online classroom format with highly trained faculty via activity-based learning methodology. It will enable your child to develop a working understanding of many financial concepts which will help them become smart decision takers when it comes to money. This program focuses on experiential learning to enhance student’s journey towards a smart financial decision-maker that will help them in their everyday.





This is a 16-session intermediate-level program focusing on developing investment knowledge foundation in students. Students also get basic exposure to concepts like audits, funding, taxes etc. The overall session-wise curriculum of program is as follows:


Session 1 - Understanding Investments

Stocks: Risk vs. Reward, Introduction to Stock Market, Volatility, Stock Indices, Market Capitalization


Session 2 - Types of Investments

Stocks , Mutual Funds and Bonds


Session 3 - Introduction to Fundamental Analysis

Developing understanding of fundamental analysis of a company, Company Analysis – Basic overview of EPS, P/E Ratio, Dividends, Key Terminologies


Session 4 - Hands on Session

Exploring various companies and learning how to identify best ones to invest


Session 5 - Understanding Savings - Safe Investments & Asset Allocation

Safe Investment: Introduction to safe investment, Types – FD, RD, KVP, SSY, ULIP, Gold, Retirement Schemes – PPF, NPS, SCSS

Financial Discipline: Money Decisions in long run & short run


Session 6 - Financial Reports

 Introduction to Financial Reports: Credit & Debit, Assets & Liabilities, Balance Sheet


Session 7 - Understanding Cash Flows and Cash Flow Statement

Activity-based learning about importance of Cash flow and basics of cash-flow statement

Preparing basic Income statement


Session 8Audits

Auditing: Role of Auditors, Accounting Frauds, Due Diligence


Session 9 - Understanding Funding

Equity Funding: Business Development Life Cycle, Bootstrapping, Seed & Series Funding, Investor types – Angel Investors & Venture Capitalists, Investor Pitch, Investment Banking


Session 10 - Funding Methodologies

 Debt Funding: Introduction to Financial Reports Analysis, Basics of Corporate valuation, Raising funds through loans – Debt Funding, Credit Score, Personal loansOther Methods: Crowd Funding, IPO and Stocks Markets


Session 11 - Taxes – Direct  

Basics: How and Whys, Significance, Tax Facts, Tax Structure

Income Tax – What is it, Importance and How to file income tax(Hands-on session)


Session 12 - Taxes – Indirect

 Understanding GST, Types of GST, Understanding it with real examples, Saving yourself from GST frauds,

 Understanding VAT and areas where VAT is applicable


Session 13 - Financial Institutions - Banks

 Financial Institutions - Banks - Commercial, Cooperative, Central Banks, NBFCs


Session 14 - Understanding Blockchain Basics

 Blockchain: Fundamentals of distributed ledger and blockchain technology, decentralization, peer-to-peer transactions and cross-industry applications


Session 15 - Cryptocurrency

 Cryptocurrency: Digital currencies, crypto-mining, Smart Contracts


Session 16 - Digital Payments

 Digital Payments: Net Banking, M-Banking, Digi-Wallets, Cards, UPI & Payment Gateway



  • This is a Certificate Program. On completion of this program, your child will be eligible to take Certification exam from Cerebro Team
  • Develop knowledge and acumen in basic day-to-day finance concepts like investments, taxes, banks etc.
  • This is a personalised eclassroom program
  • Develop a sharp mind inclined towards making better financial decisions in life
  • With assessments, quizzes and Q&A sessions, you child will be able to develop a working knowledge of how financial concepts are applied in real life




Ms. Vanshika Varlani

Ms. Vanshika Varlani is a Bachelor in Commerce (Hons) double gold medalist grad with a specialization in BFSI from Nirma University. She loves interacting with students and has a vision of enabling students to be better financial planners and decision-makers at the right age.

Teaching Experience: 3+ Years.