Program Overview

  •   Language : English

  •   Target Audience : School Students

  •   Duration : 16 Hours

  •   Program Type : Live eclassroom program

Program Details

As one of the fastest-growing economies of the world, India has immense potential and opportunities in front of. With this fast pace of time, learning the skills of finance that this time demand has become one of the important aspects of life. When the younger generation learns how to invest in correct Mutual Funds, how to choose the right stock for investing, when and how to analyse the market, this will help the country as well as the people to grow more. This program will essentially work with such concepts through live interactive sessions and provide the details of the investment, finances as well as fintech foundation to build their finance career at ease. Apart from that, this program will include contemporary financial subjects like cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology.



Session 1:  Understanding Investments

 -The stocks and their terms and meanings

 - The Market Capitalization

Session 2: Investments Analysis

 -Analyse industry

 -Analyse companies and the key terms

Session 3: Mutual Fund Basics

-The basics of Mutual Funds and their different types

Session 4: What are bonds?

-Introduction to Bonds and its uses

-Learn about Bond Rating Agencies

Session 5: Learning Safe Investments

-Introduction to safe investments

-Types of safe investments

Session 6: Financial Discipline

-Understand money decisions in long and short run

Session 7: Asset Allocation

-Understand diversification of Portfolio

-Learns about the factors such as Risk Tolerance and Time Horizon

Session 8: Simulations

-Simulations on stock market investments

-Mutual Funds planning

-Portfolio creation and budgeting

Session 9: Taxes- Direct taxes

-Basic of Direct Taxes

-Its structure, types and significance

Session 10: Taxes- Indirect Taxes

-Basics of Indirect Taxes

-Its types and implementation


Session 11: Financial Institutions – Banks & NBFCs

-Learn about the financial institutions

-Understand the functions and importance

Session 12: Financial Transactions

-Understand the types of financial transactions

-SWIFT & CBS system

Session 13: Understanding Currency

-Learn the evolution of currency

-Foreign exchange, International Transfer  and Digital Money

Session 14: Blockchain Basics

-Learn about the fundamentals of ledger and blockchain technology

-Its industry applications

Session 15: Cryptocurrency

-Its definitions and types

-Its usage and importance

Session 16: Digital Payments

-Learn about Net Banking, UPI and other digital modes


-Understands various finance concepts like investments, taxes, banking, cryptocurrencies etc.

-Learn in a live classroom format.

-Develop a sharp mind inclined towards making better financial decisions in life

-With assessments, quizzes and Q&A sessions kids will be able to develop a working knowledge of how financial concepts are applied in real life.

-Gain the ability to practically apply the concepts learned in the program in real life

-Certificate from industry-leading professionals.





Ms. Vanshika Varlani

Ms. Vanshika Varlani is a Bachelor in Commerce (Hons) double gold medalist grad with a specialization in BFSI from Nirma University. She loves interacting with students and has a vision of enabling students to be better financial planners and decision-makers at the right age.

Teaching Experience: 3+ Years.