Program Overview

  •   Language : English

  •   Target Audience : School Students

  •   Duration : 16 Hours

  •   Program Type : Live eclassroom program

Program Details


The Finance Learner Program for Class 7 students helps them in understanding basics of money, budget, day to day financial decision making. They are exposed to basics of how debit-credit works and how a transaction can be recorded via debit and credit entries. This helps students in developing basic transaction recording habits. Along with this, students learn basics of taxes , banks and digital payments. In this program, your kid will learn in a personalized live online classroom format with highly trained faculty via activity based learning methodology. This program focuses on experiential learning to enhance student’s journey towards a smart financial decision-maker that will help them in their everyday life.


Session 1 - Basics of Money & Currency 

  • Understanding concept of money
  • Understanding earning, spending, saving, giving, donating, profit and loss
  • Indian currency, concept of foreign currencies, Fake Currencies, Understanding concept of cash and digital currency

Session 2 - Budgeting, Savings & Investments

  • Understanding Needs & Wants, Planning monthly budgets, book keeping
  • Understanding saving, risky and risk-free savings, savings options, Banks
  • Introducing concept of risk, return and investments, Investment options & how to keep money safe

Session 3 - Day-to-Day Financial Decision-Making

  • Understand regular financial situations
  • Identifying how our decision in finance impact us
  • Developing decision-making skills in finance
  • Understanding financial discipline and developing healthy money habits

Session 4 - Understanding Loans

  • Loans mechanism, types of loans, sources, repayment strategies

Session 5 - Debit & Credit

  • Understanding Debit -Credit and Working on terminologies with classification

Session 6Book keeping

  • Understanding importance for financial transaction recording & financial books

Session 7 - Cash Flow

  • Understanding importance of cash and cash flo

Session 8 - Accounting & Frauds

  • What is Accounting
  • What are accounting frauds

Session 9 - Introduction to Taxes

  • Need of taxes, types of taxes, ways to save taxes

Session 10 - Banks

  • Understanding Banks
  • Commercial and Central Bank

Session 11 - NBFCs

  • Understanding different types of NBFCs
  •  Role of NBFCs

Session 12 - Inflation & Government Budget

  • Impact of Inflation & how government controls it
  • What is government budget

Session 13 - Digital Payments

  • Net-Banking, Mobile banking, mobile wallets, cards, UPI
  • Understanding way to be safe in digital payments

Session 14Cryptocurrencies

  • What are crypto currencies
  • Why are they gaining prominence?

Session 15 - Financial Frauds

  • Understanding common financial frauds
  • Learning ways to be safe from financial frauds
  • Developing good financial habit

Session 16 - Revision and What’s next

  • Revision of all the concepts studied



  • Understands various finance concepts like budgeting, investments, taxes, banking etc.
  • Learn in a live classroom format.
  • Develop a sharp mind inclined towards making better financial decisions in life
  • With assessments, quizzes and Q&A sessions kids will be able to develop a working knowledge of how financial concepts are applied in real life.
  • Gain ability to practically apply the concepts learned in the program in real life
  • Certificate on completion of the program




Ms. Vanshika Varlani

Ms. Vanshika Varlani is a Bachelor in Commerce (Hons) double gold medalist grad with a specialization in BFSI from Nirma University. She loves interacting with students and has a vision of enabling students to be better financial planners and decision-makers at the right age.

Teaching Experience: 3+ Years.