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  •   Language : English

  •   Level : Beginner

  •   Eligibility : College Students

  •   No of sessions : 16 Live Sessions

  •   Duration : 1 Hours Per Session

  •   Method : Live Online Session


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Certificate Program in Investment Acumen(CPIA) by Cerebro Kids - The Financial Literacy Academy is a beginners certification program for college students and professionals who want to start their investments journey. Students on completion of the program need to appear for the certification exam and on successfully passing the exam, they get a “Certified Investments Analyst” certificate.

The Certified Investment Analyst certificate (soon to be accredited by NSE academy) helps students in their professional journey as well as helps them in establishing that they understand Investments. 

The program curriculum is designed to educate, empower and enhance our student’s financial skills and make them smart, resilient investors. 

The Program expands throughout four workshops, starting from foundation topics like Basics of Stock Market, Fundamental Analysis, etc., and progresses to more advanced topics like Foundation of Technical Analysis including patterns analysis and indicators analysis, to diversification methodologies including knowledge about Mutual Funds, Bonds, InVITs, REITs, ETFs.and many more investment avenues. We promote learning through hands-on experience and guide our students on how to create their stock portfolio that can be used even after the program ends.  

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  • To help students develop an understanding of the working of stock markets through engaging live sessions on fundamental analysis and technical analysis
  • Assist students in building an industry suitable portfolio that they can keep on upgrading in the future. 
  • Help students in opening Demat accounts and prepare them to invest in real stock markets.
  • Highlight the importance of diversification, stock investing, portfolio planning, intra-day trading with real-life examples. 
  • Help students build a strong financial foundation so that they have an alternate way of earning money apart from a regular job.
  • The expert tips and tricks and Investing strategies taught in the course will help one earn money regardless of the stock market’s direction.

The program comprises 16 hours of comprehensive live sessions curriculum focussing on a multitude of financial topics. 


Module 1


  • What is Investing & Different aspects of Investing

The program starts with getting a clear picture of investing. Students learn all about investing - Where, When, How, How much, and How to Start

  • Basics of Stocks

Study basics of stocks including stock prices, Demat accounts, how to choose a Demat account and start investing                             

  • Introduction to Fundamental Analysis

Starting the first step of investment acumen, students learn about “Where” to invest. Students are introduced to practical applications of Fundamental analysis and they learn how to identify a good company for investing using Fundamental analysis. 


Module 2

Start your investment journey - Diversification & Capital Markets

  • Learn how to create a personalized stock portfolio.
  • Master the intricacies of Portfolio Management.
  • Acquire knowledge of how to diversify the portfolio and how to create investment buckets
  • Learn how to develop the habit of monthly investing and how to create a mix of trading and investment to start a steady source of income
  • Explore IPO Analysis in-depth via Analysis of company background, offer detail, company valuation, capital structure, financial performance, etc.
  • Become familiar with Stock market basics
    What are shares and why do companies need them? 

         How do companies list their shares?


Module 3

Earn like a trader

  • Learn to use Technical analysis by utilizing statistical indicators 
  • Study Analysis to determine price support/resistance, range, and trends
  • Explore Charts and learn to develop algorithms based on the same price information shown in candlestick charts.
  • Study Patterns Analysis with an in-depth discussion on 5 Major Candlestick Patterns
  • Get Hands-on experience with company stocks
  • Get expert insights on the best Entry-Exit strategies in the stock market


Module 4

Safeguard your future

  • Find out how Mutual Funds work with a methodical analysis of different types and classes of mutual funds
  • Introduction to Bonds-  Learn about Credit ratings, pricing bonds, issuing of bonds, and how to buy them.
  • What are Corporate Bond Funds and who should invest in these non-convertible debentures.
  • Learn why Sovereign Gold Bonds are the perfect alternative to investment in physical gold.
  • Explore monetization of revenue-generating real estate and infrastructure assets with REITs & InVITs.
  • Get an Over-view of Exchange-Traded Funds & Index Funds and find out the difference between them
  • Learn about Small Case Stocks/ETFs built on a particular Idea, Strategy, Sector, or Theme. 

1)Learning Made Simple

Through Live and Interactive Digital sessions, learn how to earn from the comfort of your home.


2)Hands-On Case studies

Gain hands-on experience of research through modeling and practical assignments.


3)Learn to Create a Portfolio

Experts in the field of trading will help you understand and create portfolios.


4)Comprehensive Research Skills

Learn skills to do comprehensive research on the performance of companies


5) Industry Recognised Certificate from Industry Leaders

Certified Investment Analyst is an industry-recognized certificate. This certificate will help in establishing yourself as a brand as well as help you in jobs


6) Fundamental & Technical Analysis

Learn different types of analysis using student-friendly methodologies. 

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Exam format - 

  • One-hour exam with 50 Multiple choice questions. 
  • Passing Criteria - 50% marks
  • No negative marking for wrong answers


Benefits of Certification?

  • CV point
  • Networking in the vast pool of Certified Investment Analysts
  • Eligibility for becoming Certified Investment Professional  


How will they receive their Certification?

  • Upon successfully clearing the certification exam, the Certificate would be sent in digital format
  • To receive a hard copy of the certificate, you need to pay additional Rs. 150
  • In case, you fail to clear the exam and want to reappear, you can reappear by paying an exam fee of Rs. 500.



Mr. Arpit Gupta

Mr. Arpit Gupta is an alumnus of the coveted IIM Lucknow, Batch of 2013 where he specialized in Finance and Marketing.  Mr Gupta has a rich industry experience of more than 10 years and more than 3 years experience as a Financial Literacy Coach.

His areas of expertise include:

  • Stocks analysis and investment planning
  • Fundamental and Technical Analysis of Stocks
  • Analyzing Financial books and financial decision-making

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The registration process is very simple.Please click on the enroll now button and you will be contacted by Cerebro Kids Education Consultant and they will share the details of the program with you.

The Certificate Program in Investment Acumen has been specially designed to make learning interactive and practical. Through this course, you will not just learn the practical aspects of investing but you’ll be able to implement it, all on your own. The motive of this program is to make students self-sufficient so that they can make sound financial decisions and venture into the glorious world of trading and investment.

This program is open for everyone - students as well as professionals

Our mentors are always here to help you out. In case you have doubts or you miss a part of the session due to an emergency, you have the opportunity to reach out to our mentors who will guide you and clear your doubts. You will also be provided video recordings and session summary documents of all the sessions so that you can revise the concepts as well

The registration process is very simple.

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