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  •   Language : English

  •   Level : Beginner

  •   Eligibility : Classes 6th and 7th

  •   No of sessions : 32

  •   Duration : 1 hour per session

  •   Method : Live 1:1 Online Sessions


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The Financial Journey of a child does not start when they start earning; it kicks start when they start spending. It is usual for a school-going child to buy food from the canteen or demand toys from parents, knowing their worth is something that matters the most.

In our 32 session Finance Learners Beginners program, we take kids through various real-life financial situations and teach them via proven activities and techniques evolving to be wise financial decision-makers in those situations. We enlighten students to different concepts of finance with systematically framed modules in the curriculum.

All this enables them to make more informed financial decisions in their everyday lives.

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·  To aid students in developing a comprehensive understanding of various Finance concepts through live interactive sessions.

·  To support students know various practical aspects of personal finance management, business finance, financial technology, and the economy making them futuristic money managers.

·  Assist students to blossom as rational decision-makers.

·  Help students build a solid financial foundation making them well equipped to make smart financial choices and become financially stable.

Session 1

 Concept of Money and its Management

·   Starting the journey with the basic rooted understanding of Money, associated needs and wants, budgeting, and prominence of expense diary.

·   Making steps in the direction for saving and investments, risk profile identification, and avenues.

·   Imbibing the urgency of financial discipline an individual's life

·   Understanding the credit and loans in detail 


Session 2

 Basic Business and Finance Terminologies

·   Learning numerous business terminologies - Assets, Liabilities, Profits, Income, Expenses, and their respective classifications.

·   Stepping the ladder of financial statements by assisting them in preparing Cash Flow statements, Balance Sheet and Income statements.

·   Practically enabling them to check their bank statements.

·   Understanding the need for business finance and various sources - Debt and Equity.


Session 3

Investment Finance 

·   Tapping multiple investment avenues - shares, mutual funds, bonds.

·   Understanding the stock market and Performance analysis.

·   Understanding safe investments 


Session 4

Government and Money

·  Understanding Taxes and Its purpose; Classification of Taxes

·  Indirect Tax - GST 

·  Concept of Export, Import, Trade and Trade War, Exchange Rates

·  Currency, Black Money, Demonetization


Session 5

 Financial Institutions and Awareness

·   Simplifying the presence of Financial Institutions

·   Diving deeper into Retail Payments, Do's and Don’t; Using ATM

·   Knowing about insurance and related concepts

·   Being aware of Digital Frauds

                ·   Laying a foundation of literate investor - Inflation, Real Return, and Nominal Return

1) Learning Made Simple

Through Live and Interactive Digital sessions, learn how to earn from the comfort of your home.


2) Anytime Mentoring

Get 24*7 access to Mentors via dedicated WhatsApp groups to clear doubts and ask questions. 


3)  Develop Smart Analyzing Skills 

This skill gets developed through regular news articles shared by mentors in the group. It helps in practically applying the learned concepts.


4) Industry Recognized Certificate from Industry Leaders

After systematic evaluation, a recognized certification is provided on completion of the whole course.


5) Personalized Schedule

Schedule for the classes framed according to the enrolled student's availability. Also, a beforehand discussion is conducted with respective parents before and after every session.


6)Learning via activities

Topics taught in class with enormously interactive activities analyzing the level of compression of the student.


7) High-quality presentations

Learning enabled with high-quality presentations with interactive characters.

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Students have to clear a certification exam at the end of the program to become Certified Finance Beginners (Part 1). The certificate becomes a CV point later on in students’ academic as well as professional life, showing the focus and directional approach of students from the beginning.



Ms. Vanshika Varlani

Ms. Vanshika Varlani is a Bachelor in Commerce (Hons) double gold medalist grad with a specialization in BFSI from Nirma University. She loves interacting with students and has a vision of enabling students to be better financial planners and decision-makers at the right age.

Teaching Experience: 3+ Years.


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