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  •   Language : English

  •   Level : Advance

  •   Eligibility : Classes 11th to 12th

  •   No of sessions : 32

  •   Duration : 1 hour per session

  •   Method : Live 1:1 Online Sessions


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In this journey of financial learning of 32 session Finance Learners Program, we take students through various real-life financial situations and teach them via proven activities and techniques evolving to be wise financial decision-makers. We enlighten students to different concepts of finance with systematically framed modules in the curriculum.

We aim to break the myth that finance means Commerce. The program aims to enhance financial literacy for students of all streams, thereby building wise and futuristic youth. All this enables them to make more informed financial decisions in their everyday lives irrespective of their selected streams. Moreover, students in the commerce stream don't get practical exposure to the studied concepts, and this program would help them polish their acquired knowledge constructively. This program gives all students an overview of what to expect in the world of finance.

Let's break the myth together and learn heuristically with Cerebro Kids!

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  • To aid students in developing a comprehensive understanding of various finance-oriented concepts through live interactive sessions.
  • To support students know various practical aspects of personal finance management, business finance, financial technology, and the economy making them futuristic money managers.
  • Assist students to blossom as rational decision-makers.
  • Help students build a solid financial foundation making them well equipped to make smart financial choices and become financially stable.
  • Enable kids to explore various education & professional domains via fun-filled activities and experiential learning methodology.

The program comprises five engaging modules focusing on a variety of financial topics. 


Session 1

Business Finance

·  Learning diverse business terminologies - Assets, Liabilities, Profits, Income, Expenses, and their respective classifications.

·  Simplifying accounting by learning Double and Single-entry bookkeeping i.e. accounting.

·  Stepping the ladder of financial statements by assisting them in preparing Income Statements, Balance sheets, and Cash Flow statements.

·  Reading annual reports and Industry analysis

·  Developing the skill of analyzing given financial statements using numerous financial ratios.

·  Understanding the need for business finance and various sources - Debt and Equity.

·  Examining the presence of investment banking for arranging funds for companies.


Session 2

Investment Finance Module

·  Tapping multiple investment avenues - Shares, Mutual funds, Bonds, Index funds, ETFs.

·  Simplifying the structure of the market by knowing better about Money and Capital Market

·  Understanding the stock market and Performance analysis.

·  Understanding safe investments

·  Effectively grasping diverse investment strategies.

·  Tapping technical and fundamental analysis of stocks to make right decisions.

·  Portfolio Diversification and Financial Discipline 


Session 3

Finance Around Us

·  Understanding Taxes and Its purpose; Classification of Taxes

·  Untangling the complex Income Tax calculation and deductions

·  Developing the understanding of GST and its structure

·  Exploring the detailed classification of Domestic and Global financial institutions.

·  Digesting the eminence of Insurance and its principles in detail.

·  GDP calculation streamlined with Inflation and Global Trade.

·  Focusing upon budget, Special Economic Zones and Safe Havens for economic development.


Session 4


·  Traversing modern payment mechanisms and technologies like Digital Money, UPI, Wallet, etc.

·  Breaking down the complex concepts of AI, ML, and Data Analytics.

·  Exploring Currency and associated Exchange rates

·  Diving deeper into the ocean of Cryptocurrency and its Blockchain technology.


Session 5

Final Showdown

·  Revision of covered concepts in an innovative manner.

·  Interest identification and Career Guidance.

1)Learning Made Simple

Through Live and Interactive Digital sessions, learn how to earn from the comfort of your home.


2) Anytime Mentoring

Get 24*7 access to Mentors via dedicated WhatsApp groups to clear doubts and ask questions


3) Develop Smart Analyzing Skills 

This skill gets developed through regular news articles shared by mentors in the group. It helps in practically applying the learned concepts.


4) Industry Recognized Certificate from Industry Leaders

After systematic evaluation and certification exam, a recognized certification is provided to the student on completion of the whole course.


5) Tailored/Personalized Schedule

Schedule for the classes framed according to the enrolled student's availability. Also, a beforehand discussion conducted with respective parents before and after every session.


6) Learning via activities

Topics taught in class with enormously interactive activities analyzing the level of compression of the student.


7) High-quality donations

Learning enabled with high-quality presentations with interactive characters.


8) Post Class Material

Students provided highly simplified learning material like summary sheets and worksheets on Whatsapp group.

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Students have to clear a certification exam at the end of the program to become Certified Finance Beginners (Level 3). The certificate becomes a CV point later on in students’ academic as well as professional life, showing the focus and directional approach of students from the beginning.



Mr. Arpit Gupta

Mr. Arpit Gupta is an alumnus of the coveted IIM Lucknow, Batch of 2013 where he specialized in Finance and Marketing.  Mr Gupta has a rich industry experience of more than 10 years and more than 3 years experience as a Financial Literacy Coach.

His areas of expertise include:

  • Stocks analysis and investment planning
  • Fundamental and Technical Analysis of Stocks
  • Analyzing Financial books and financial decision-making

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The registration fee is only INR 10,000/- for the complete 32 Sessions Workshop with no additional certification costs.

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This course would help students to understand various complex finance concepts with ease. When we talk about students opting for science as their mainstream post 10th, it becomes majorly problematic for them while pursuing their higher business studies like MBA where grasping finance concepts from scratch becomes very difficult for students.

The systematic curriculum is structured to help students develop the necessary skills needed to understand the Value of Money and leads them to a path of becoming good money managers. The students get an industry-recognized certificate upon completing the course successfully, adding an extra flair to their skillset.

Students also get the opportunity to contact our mentors through dedicated WhatsApp groups to clear their doubts even after the workshop has ended. In crux, this program helps to enhance the Financial and Analytical IQ of students.

The program is open to students from classes 11th -12th

Yes, you can book a free demo session for your child to know the program structure in detail. The student gets to have an interactive session with the mentor. The demo session would help to know your understanding level and compatibility with our financial literacy experts.