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NFTs are “one-of-a-kind” assets in the digital world that can be bought and sold like any other piece of property.....read more

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IPO-Grey Market Premium

If you invest in IPOs or keep a track of them, then you must have heard about the term ‘Grey Market Premium’. Grey Market Premium is the the predi.....read more

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Risk-to-Reward Ratio: A complete guide to master it

The reward of a thing well done is to have done it - Ralph Waldo Emerson. Do you want to know, What is the Risk-to-Reward ratio and how traders use it.....read more

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A drop in an ocean of Cryptocurrencies

This blog will provide you the basic idea about cryptocurrencies......read more

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From piggy banks to profits: Teach your kids about stock trading

Academic qualifications are important and so is financial education. They are both important and schools are forgetting one of them is said by an Amer.....read more

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What is Credit Score and why you should know about it!

A Credit Score is an important deciding factor for your loans and credit cards to get approved. It tells you and your lender how good or bad a borrowe.....read more

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Everything you need to know about Mutual Funds

Want to get high returns on your investments but too busy to put in the time? Mutual Funds might exactly what you need! From Diversification to Access.....read more

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Why exactly do we use ROE? , its uses, loopholes and how does it benefit the world of finance and investment ......read more

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Top 10 Companies for Value Investing 2021

The best time to invest is now. Value investing is steadfastly gaining popularity in todays turbulent economy. With this onset of growing buzz, it is .....read more

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The Era of Value Investing

Never doubt the power of potential. If you think youve got a good eye for spotting potential, this exciting field is full of opportunities for you! Le.....read more

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An insight into the world of growth investing. In depth knowledge about how growth investors strategise and their plan of action......read more


3 Ways you can protect yourself from Inflation

The ongoing Covid Crisis has resulted in an unstable economy. Research suggests a period of economic inflation occurs every few years and it accelerat.....read more

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Our non finance background often makes us wonder whether financial literacy is even for us or not, so we never make a start at it. Taking the first st.....read more


Finance Tips Everyone in Their 20s Should Know

Managing your finances is a skill that every young adult of this generation shall possess. Here are some tips to help you ,keep a check on their spend.....read more

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Financial literacy has time and again out of its way to prove its relevance in the present. It is rightly said the more financially literate one is , .....read more

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20’s The Time To Save For Your Retirement

Here are some easy financial tips for all young adults to help save for retirement!.....read more

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6 Tips to Teach Money Saving To Kids

Being a parent, the task of teaching your kids the task of saving money can sometimes prove to be a tedious task, here are 6 easy money saving tips to.....read more


5 Financial Goals You Need to Achieve Before 40s

Turning 40 is one of the main birthdays of the event. You sit back and wonder about how twenty young people were. Yet you see in advance at 60 how qui.....read more

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Top 5 Money Mistakes People Make In Their 30s

You actually spent your 20s graduating, getting your initial real career, taking some chances, connecting & hopefully have some fun. You now move to .....read more

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How to deal with the stock market’s ups and downs??

Anyone with money in the stock market understands that values fluctuate. These fluctuations seem for many to be spontaneous and potentially very stres.....read more


When to buy & sell the stocks??

The purchase and sale of the stock is not nearly a matter of analysis and stock identification. It also concerns real commercial implementation. Foll.....read more


Credit Cards

Credit cards have been a vital option for life. You can make transactions for which you dont have the funds or buy anything from a remote seller witho.....read more


Banking Services

With developments in technology and competition, the banks deliver various types of services to keep up to date and retain clients. It allows you to u.....read more



Building or house is not an easy task as it looked in the days of childhood when we used to make house using bricks and sand. In reality, it involves .....read more



Being able to take firm financial decision is as necessary as wearing your seatbelt while driving. It activates the process of being productive, one .....read more



The whole world saw a tough time whose name was lock-down. It brought a phase when almost everything came to a pause income being no exception. If we.....read more


Living on your own

Living yourself will be a thrilling moment in your life for the first time. If you move into your apartment with or without your colleagues or a col.....read more


Making Money

The money earned was usually linked to the conventional offline route, and restricted. By taking over more of our lives from the Internet, more people.....read more



LOAN - A facility one gets for the fulfilment of requirements. Understanding its WHATs and HOWs can win you many games. And, the best way to do that i.....read more



Have I nailed into you how important saving money as a student is? And if you act on the hundreds of tips I will be sharing and saving money from your.....read more


Financial Games for Kids

Nothing attracts the kids more than games and nothing can stop your kids to learn about money matters if they are infused with games, financial games .....read more


Real Life Finance Lessons For Kids

Experience is the best teacher and childhood experiences leave a permanent mark in our minds. So why not get monetarily ready right from the start......read more


Should you get your kids a debit card?

Every adult knows how debit cards work. Now, it's time for us to teach our children about the usage of debit cards to make them future-ready......read more


Importance of pocket money

Pocket money plays a major role for the children to understand the savings and to manage money for their necessities. It helps them to understand the .....read more


What everyone misses about the power of compounding

Everyone knows what an interest is, but do you know there can be an interest over interest? Come let's find about it via the power of Compounding and .....read more


How to make your kid a leader

Leadership is a great skills that should be taught to kids. What is the importance of leadership skills in life? Explore our marketing programs for de.....read more


Importance of entrepreneurship education for kids

Teaching entrepreneurship is essential for kids. Entrepreneurship education helps in the overall development of the children. Explore our entrepreneur.....read more


Importance of Preparing Kids to understand advertisements

With globalisation picking up pace, there has been a tremendous increase in advertising channels in the last decade......read more


Importance of Teaching Advertising to Kids

Advertising has been an essential component of any business. Advertisers know how to connect with their target customers so that they end up purchasin.....read more


Right Age to teach money management & finance education to kids

Finance education in growing years 8-14 is as important as academics are. Teaching kids Value-of-Money helps them in managing money better in future......read more


School education lacks in preparing kids for the future

Are today's kids prepared for life after schools? How to prepare kids ready for the future? Explore our learners programs for details on Cerebro Kids......read more


Marketing education should be taught to kids

Why should we teach marketing to the students in schools? Explore our marketing programs for details on Cerebro Kids......read more


What is the value of money for kids

Kids learn about the value of money from their parents first. However, as parents, we often shield kids from money matters. Is it the right strategy? .....read more


Role of parents in enhancing financial awareness in kids

What should be the role of a parent in ensuring their kids grow up to become more financially aware and learned.....read more


Importance of good financial habits in kids

Financial literacy does not mean anything until that is concerted to good financial habits. Good financial habits mean developing a keen sense of prud.....read more


Understanding Creativity in Kids

Creativity is the act of turning new and imaginative ideas into reality. Creativity is characterised by the ability to perceive the world in new ways,.....read more


Financial literacy to avoid the development of Compulsive buying behavior in kids and teens?

Research shows dedicated training on financial responsibility for 5 hours over a week over a month help in creating a positive impact on kids spen.....read more