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About Us

Cerebro Team is an IIT-IIM alumni Ed-Tech initiative that has a vision to make students financially literate, by exposing them to various real-life financial concepts like financial decision -making, taxes, saving and investments etc. from an early age. Our interactive curriculum, activities, workshops and simulations helps one to understand and better prepared for the real world challenges.

Whatever profession anyone goes for in life, ultimate goal is to earn money. We prepare kids to be prudent about that hard-earned money and this skill does not come overnight.


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Who Are We?

Started in 2019 by Shruti Goel from IIT Roorkee, Cerebro Team is an initiative to bridge the gap of financial literacy in Indian education system. We prepare students to be aware of financial rights, capable of financial decision-making and beware of financial frauds.

Financial Literacy - Cerebro Team


To promote Financial Literacy from young age


Bridging the gap between traditional education and skills needed in real-world, by providing Financial Literacy to everyone and help them imbibe skills that are much needed in day-to-day lives

Message from the founder

‘I strongly believe that financial literacy is crucial in today's world to become smart and wise decision-makers in terms of financial management.

Cerebro Team has been founded with this vision to make students of school, colleges and working professionals more responsible and informed financial choices in their day-to-day lives. Here, we guide them to explore the financial concepts via an experiential learning methodology crafted by certified educationists and consultants.'

Shruti Goel Founder and CEO – Cerebro Team IIT Roorkee, Batch of 2011

Our Journey

Our Journey - Cerebro Team